Salaam Alekoum! In my free time I started to study arabic in the CLT (Centrum voor Levende Talen) in Leuven (Belgium).

We are studying "FuSHaa", which is the formal arabic. It is widely spoken and used in the whole Middle East for newspapers and official media. Although there might be some differences in the spoken languages I still think it is very useful during travelling, since people from all over the middle east who went to college are supposed to understand official, or "modern standard Arabic". Besides, some friends of mine were saying it would be quite impossible to be able to read it, so I wanted to prove them otherwise ;-)

Here you can find some useful information if you want to learn some arabic yourself!

Things I made myself
  • Learn arabic numbers
  • A small webapplication I wrote to practise arabic numbers.
  • Arabic Vocabulary
  • Something I wrote to manage vocabulary lists

    CLT Specific
  • Eerste Jaar
  • Eerste Jaar Arabisch, CLT Leuven
  • Derde Jaar
  • Derde Jaar Arabisch, CLT Leuven
  • Vierde Jaar
  • Vierde Jaar Arabisch, CLT Leuven
  • Pictures
  • CLT related pictures

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