Privet! Kak dela? In my free time I started to study russian in the CVO (Centrum voor Volwassenen Onderwijs) in Antwerpen (Belgium).

Russian is widely used, ofcourse in Russia but also in the whole ex-ussr and eastern europe.

Here you can find some useful information if you want to learn some Russian yourself!

Things I made myself
  • Russian Vocabulary
  • Learn some russian words!
  • Samenvattingen
  • Samenvattingen 2e jaar CVO

    External links
  • Master Russian
  • Learn the cyrillic alfabet!
  • Virtual Keyboard
  • An online virtual cyrillic keyboard
  • Online dictionary
  • An online english-russian dictionary
  • Bab.LA
  • An Online dictionary & Wikipedia style portal
  • A spoonful of russian
  • A free podcast about russian language
  • A taste of russian
  • Another free weekly podcast
  • Shared Talk (Rosetta Stone)
  • Talk with people all over the world

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