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Travel information for Russia

How to get a visa to Russia ?

You need a few things : 

1) A travel passport that is at least still 6 months valid.

2) A health insurance that is valid in Russia and covers you up to 10.000 euro.

3) An invitation to the country. You can either get this from your hotel, but bear in mind that hotels often only invite you for the time you spend in their hotel. If you want to travel through the country, you need an invitation for the whole period. You can also buy such an invitation to the country. I used GoingRus ( ) and was quite happy with their support. You get the invitation directly and automated after you made the payment - literally 1 second later !

WARNING : If you want to stay longer than 14 days in Russia, some visa centers can ask you for a full day-to-day program. I never encountered this in the real consulate though. You can ask GoingRus for a full day-to-day program after you get the invitation before you apply for your visa to be sure. Check the different places in your country to apply for a visa. A specialized centre often asks for a fee (30 euro in Belgium), while in the consulate you don't have to pay this fee. 

4) An completely filled in application form. You have to fill in this form online here and print the application when it is filled in.

5) A photo. Put this on the application form.